bubblegum pink city on ebay with great BIN!!!

  1. the bag looks beat up though.. i won't pay $800 for it.
  2. Me neither. The corners look pretty bad but the rest is o.k. Bubblegum pink isn't my favourite colour but it could look quite nicely in summer.
  3. It's my bag and it's absolutely not beat up - 2 corners are worn on one side (bottom)- the rest of the bag is immaculate- also- it has submit best offer too.
  4. Good luck with the sale zacorey--gorgeous color!
  5. ^^^ Thanks Avery!:heart:
  6. The bag looks good to me... The corners get worn like that easily (for some reason the bottom corners on City bags get worn first---always!) but it's not something that would really bother me, especially when the rest of the bag looks great. If you look at the pics of the whole bag, you can barely see the worn corners. Close up pictures a lot of times show wear & tear and makes it a lot worse than it is IRL. When I bought my teal work from ebay, the pics look like the bag has a lot of wear & tear on the corners & handles, but when it came, I had to stare at it & closely examine it to even notice them.
  7. Good luck. I'm sure it'll sell pretty fast.
  8. Good luck zacorey! It is a gorgeous bag at a great price!
  9. I love that color, very pretty! Good luck zacorey!
  10. Ladies, this bag is in great conditon!:yes: Some one get it quick!!:cutesy: And just to let you know, the seller is a very sweet and honest PFr:heart: :love: :heart:
  11. What a beauty! That's a great price too, zacorey. Good luck!
  12. The handles look clean, good luck everyone! :smile:
  13. Oooh, good luck, zacorey!!!:heart:
  14. Zacorey, good luck on your auction!! And good luck to the lucky winner, too! :flowers: