Bubblegum pink, BARGAIN price, buy or not to buy!?!?

  1. hi everyone! LOVE all your Bbags!:heart:

    I am yet to get one!:crybaby: BUT.. there is a bubblegum first for a great price, well at the moment its a great price! lol

    It has some damage and i think thats why theres not that much interest in it, some of the leather at the back is beginning to wear etc...

    If i get this, am i buying purely to have a Bbag, as it is not my fave colour, i just really want one, at at such a great price with no bids!!!...

    What would you Bbag lovers do!?!?:shrugs:

  2. Wait for your favorite color. I have made this mistake in the past and regretted it.
  3. i'd say if its not your fave color, don't settle. it'll probably go up anyways.
  4. I really like it, but I love pink. The damage doesn't look, too bad. I bet it would clean up nicely, especially if LMB or Artbags did it . If you don't love it, would you wear it? I'd hate to see someone spend $500 on a bag that didn't truly love. KWIM?
  5. i don't if it's juts me... but i WOULD never miss a bargain :p
  6. i think im into it because of the price, i mean ive loved Bbags for ages, and im a student so i know that im not going to be able to get a new one at a drop of a hat!
    It is soo pretty, and i would wear it, im just scared of the damage, i dont think theres any bag repair places in the uk! x
  7. If it's not your fave color just let it go :smile:
    and wait until you find the one you :drool: over ;)
  8. Yes don't settle for something you don't truely love, your dream bag will come soon!!
  9. go with your gut feel. at first sight, does th bag color 'grab' you?

    if not, sit and wait for your dream bag to appear!
  10. Hiya girls just thought I would chime in, its mine and it is a great price. I say follow what your heart is telling you! lol
  11. Luva Pug, for my very 1st b bag, i don't have much money too that time. so i bought the first thing that i thought i could live with within my price range.
    it's enough to made me happy and motivate me to get more and more :p
    but it's all up to you, i happen to like a beaten b bag, i don't know the condition of the bag u wanted to buy to judge. so i guess it's all up to you :yes:
  12. dont!! for one thing, you have to find a color you really like.........for another thing, that is my fave bag, and i want it!!
  13. ^^^^ lol! i just think if the price stays low then i will have to! it does pop out at you, i mean you dont see a lot of them about do you!?
    I will have to see!
    pinkchristie: you might be seeing a few bids from me!!! (Diego)
  14. I agree I finally own my first bbag and its actually a Bubblegum pink and its soooo pretty.I think that is a great deal pinkchristie22 good luck on your sale.

  15. I'd wait until you find a bag that makes your heart skip a few beats when you first find it. No matter how cheap a bag is, if you only feel kind of :s about it, it's best to save that money for one that makes you:yahoo:. And if you don't really love the bag, it will probably just sit in your closet.