Bubblegum/Petal Pink GGH Work or RH City?


Bubblegum/Petal Pink

  1. Work Giant Gold Hardware

  2. City Regular Hardware

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  1. Girls!! I need some help. I love pink, its my favorite color so I of course have to get it in something. I'm torn between a GGH Work and a RH City. I have both the City and the Work. I find that the Work is a little big but the City is a little small. I don't like the giant hardware on city's. So I'm torn. Do you think the GGH Work will just be too much pink, do you think the RH City will be cute and not so "Damn thats a pink bag!". IDK..help me! :sweatdrop:
  2. I love the gold with this color, would go for that.
  3. definitely RH city! i'm not a GGH kinda person though.
  4. Mine's an RH City so I am bias.
  5. I saw the pink with GGH at Barney's recently in the city. The combo is absolutely gorgeous. I would go for the GGH work picking btw the GGH work and the RH city. I like GH on bigger bags as the GH on a city looks too much to me. For some reason, the pink with RH didn't get grab my attention as the Pink with GGH did. I think the pink pops more with the GGH. I tried on the work and its way too big for me. I'm waiting to get a day in GGH when it comes out. To me, the day size works better for me as its btw the size of city and work and I can get the GGH I want. Good luck on deciding and post pics. Also, don't be worried about it being too much pink, just make it work with your outfit as you wear the bag and not the other way around. Pink is my absolute favorite color too and I think almost everything I own is in pink.
  6. ^^^ Thanks Donna, the Day with GGH would be fabulous as well!
  7. I think the pink city would work best on shorter/petite girls. The GGH work would be alotta bag - JMHO. Rest assured, that the bubblegum pink is AMAZING!!! Either way, you won't be disappointed. I am so in love with my RH city. :love:
  8. I voted for the work with GGH! I love the work, and I love the GGH with the BG!
  9. I think Pink City with reg hardware, city's just don't seem to go out of fashion ever! I also find that the giant hardware sometimes distracts me from looking at the shiny pretty colours Balenciaga makes.
  10. Why not a PT if you're kind of torn between the city and work? :smile:
  11. I voted RH City, mostly because that is what I have coming. :p

    But I do think the GGH Work would look amazing, too.

    I'm no help :shame:
  12. ^me too! ~ :smile: ~ not a ghw girl at all i'm afraid ~ :flowers:
  13. I absolutely agree! I flipped and bought my BG pink city with GGH as it won my heart hands down over the pink city with RH. It just didn't pop like the one with GGH. I am 5'6" and the city with GGH is plenty big enough....somehow looks bigger than the city with RH.