Bubblegum part-time pics

  1. Decided I needed a pretty sunmmer bag so here she is, bubblegum part-time with GGH. I said I'd never learn to like the GH but didn't like the way the RH looked against the pink, and I'm actually loving this bag! A bit heavier than I'm used to with the GH, and I've never had the PT before either. have decided the PT is a better size than the city, and can't wait for it to break in and slouch more.

    The one pic is in full sun and oops, had the flash one.
    The best pic with the truest color is outside in the shade.
    And for size reference, I am 5'2" and 20lbs too heavy:shame:
    100_3706.jpg 100_3708.jpg 100_3709.jpg 100_3707.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag!! I am really starting to love the PT style and it looks like it actually fits over the shoulder well, even though it's brand new!!
  3. oo:huh:OOooohhh!! Lovely PT!!! I love your charms too!!!Too Cute!!!Congrats!!Where did you get that clasp that JC charms are hanging from??I must have 1!!!
  4. Very Cute PT! It looks awesome on you! BG is such a pretty color. Congrats!
  5. Woohoo, C, you've done it again!
    Fabulous bag! I love the GH on the PT. It's actually the only style I love with the GH. And the color on your bag is very saturated- what a keeper! :tup:
  6. AMAZING bag!!! Love the PT with GH!!! It looks amazing on you!!! Congrats!!!!
  7. Thanks ladies:smile:
    The clasp with the charms is actually from the grocery store. You know when you have to use a coin to get the cart? Well at Extra Foods in Canada, they sell the coins with the hooks for $1.
  8. very pretty bag and it looks great on you!
  9. very nice! i love the charms on the bag :smile:
  10. it looks perfect. Congrats! Quite a showstopper.
  11. congrats! love your charms too!
  12. Looks GREAT!! :tup: congrats!
  13. Beautiful bag. It's a nice combination, bubblegum with GGH.
  14. Congrats! This is a gorgeous colour ... looks great on you!
  15. Such a stunning bag!!! Congrats!