Bubblegum Hobo

  1. That is cute! I love that color!
  2. wooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, this is your bag Deana-girl :yahoo:
  3. SO pretty!!!
  4. You got that right aallabama!!!! Where did my post go? We had a thread on this yesterday, now it's gone! Hopefully, it won't go too high, and she can come keep my BBGM Work company amongst all my LV's! Of course just until more BBags join them!
  5. Hey Deana - your thread got merged into the "Authenticate This" thread ... just so you know it wasn't deleted! :smile:
  6. Thanks ff!
  7. This bag is so charming...somehow the hobo style and bubblegum pink just go so well together in my mind, if that makes sense to anyone...I really hope a PFer gets it!
  8. did someone ask the seller about why this color is 2006? i thought bubblegum 's supposed to be from 2005?
    i did ask her, but her answer wa kinda strange. she said thats what Barney's SA told her, and when i aksed her to check that little piece of paper that has the year written on it, she never replies.
    love the color tho.
  9. I hate it when sellers don't reply to messages!
  10. Yeah I asked her for more pictures of the bag as well as the controllato card but she says that she doesn't have a camera with her. :confused1:
  11. I asked her about the year too but she didn't respond to that question...
  12. i know....
    its very strange... and i emailed her a couple of days ago, long before labor day holiday, so she should have replied by now.
    oh well...... i am just not gonna bid then.
  13. Hey!!! Did a pf-er get the bag?
  14. 660!?