Bubblegum and Magenta hits NM! PICS!! And one sale b-bag!

  1. Just got an email from my SA, Lisa Hamlin, from NM! Here are some pics of some new bags that they just got in!!!

    1. Bubblegum Hobo $995.00

    2. Bubblegum Work $1385.00

    3. Magenta First $995.00

    4. City $1195.00 (Her assistant says this is Bubblegum in the email, but I think it looks like Magenta)

    They also have the Grey Felt Hobo marked down to $780.00

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you have any questions at (248) 635-8442!:flowers:

    DSC03134.JPG DSC03135.JPG DSC03136.JPG DSC03138.JPG DSC03139.JPG
  2. i want the hobo!!! or a day in BG =)
  3. gorgeous bubblegum. would love to see pics in SGH.
  4. I love the magenta city pic! The leather looks so smooth, not distressed like the ones I've seen. OOOH it's so hard to resist buying one!
  5. NM in Charlotte has a BG Work RH and a Day RH and I think a City RH...Beautiful color~Ask for Trey and tell him Susan referred you. He is very helpful.
  6. Pretty! The leather on the bubblegums looks so diff then the magenta, but I love them all.

    OT - Wow jag, your SA has her own assistant? She must be a top seller!
  7. Oh that Bubblegum Work is :drool::drool::drool:
  8. I'll chime in on this....Lisa is the best! Annie is her assistant and she is great too, she can help you with anything if Lisa is not available. She's a sweetheart like Lisa and they make a great team.

    Thanks for posting jag!:tup:
  9. All of my favourite styles in the cutest colors! Thanks, jag dear, for the news and for posting the pics!!!
  10. I'm in love with the Bubblegum Day. Each time I see that color I want it more...sigh!