Bubblegum 08? Where?!

  1. I've decided I want the 08 Bubblegum First as my 08 bag! Now I've seen that someone already got it so surely it's out somewhere. Have any of you girls seen it who could help me out? Are there ways to have bags shipped from one store to another? My only bbag outlet is the Barney's here in Copley place and they seemed confused to put me on the waitlist for it so now I'm worried! Does it take longer for store like Barney's to get the new stock? They've only had black and brown firsts in their store for a good 2 months it seems!
  2. I don't think it is available in U.S. yet, but must be soon. I believe the other tPFer who got it is in Europe.
  3. i saw a bubblegum city and a magenta first at holt renfrew yorkdale (toronto) tonight. the lady said they just got them in this morning
  4. I did the call around as soon as I saw the IRL colour and no store had any available outside their waitlists, unless there are cancellations...I did end up getting one confirmed for me, but it wasn't through any store that I called in UK, EU or US...
  5. They are in at BalNY now. I'm guessing Aloha Rag will have them in shortly too!
  6. AR told me next month.