Bubble Tea

  1. Wow! I absolutly LOVE bubble tea and i'm so bummed. Im back to school in CT and theres no bubble tea places. I was all happy that a new place (My bubble tea on transit) opened in Buffalo(my real home), i think i seriously drank bubble tea like 5 times a week. SO GOOD :smile: I guess i'll just have to crawl down to NYC in hunt of it.

    Taro's my favorite flavor-- nyone else?
  2. I love mango snow bubbles from Tapioca Express. Mmm!
  3. I love bubble tea also, they are so yummy. Can't find any here where I live. I did go crazy when I was in Atlanta though, had 3 with my dinner, then some sweet red bean shaved ice.:drool:
  4. Gah, bubble tea freaks me out! I feel like I'm chewing those little pompoms kids use to make crafts... You should come to Lincoln Park in Chicago, where I live... there's tons of bubble tea places on Clark Street!
  5. I love the "Thai" bubble tea, it tastes exactly like Chai so I'm not sure why they call it that... but it's so good!

    Is it possible to make yourself?
  6. ^ definitely possible to make bubble tea yourself. I do it all the time! You just go to usually an asian store and find the pearls and powder for it. I use the magic bullet to mix it all together and drink out of it!

    I love bubble tea =]. There's a place call Tea Garden and it's yummy! I also love Tapioca Express in CA. Too bad there isn't one here.

    Some of my favorite flavors include THAI TEA! :heart:, CHAI TEA! :heart: (taro chai also yum!), mango, honeydew, and raspberry mixed with other berries. Mmmm so good!
  7. I love bubble tea! I haven't had it in such a long time, this post makes me want some badly!!
  8. mmmm bubble tea I love avocado (Tastes nothing like a real avocado) with baby coconut (sweeter than regular coconut) the place I go to also has interchangeable bubbles so instead of tapioca you can get something else I love the mango stars. mmmm now I want some right now.
  9. I like green tea and hong kong style milk tea.
  10. I just started appreciating bubble tea a few months ago. Now I love it and have it at least once a week. I love fresh strawberry and I recently discovered fresh honeydew! SOOO good! I prefer it in the slushy/smoothie format so arguably it's not really "tea" but it's so addictive! There are quite a few places in my city but ironically the best place IMO is in my hometown about 40 mins away! You should definitely look into making your own!
  11. Ohh back in my old city there was this awesome bubble tea "cafe" that my friends and I would love to go to. The atmosphere was so pretty and relaxing, and the bubble tea were definetly yummy. They also had the best little treats, like tiramisu and cake, etc! I miss it so much, they don't have any around here...
  12. mmmhmm... taro is good!!

    i like the lychee flavor... the place i go to has the lychee bits on the botto, along with the bubbles. and its lychee flavored iced tea. BEST thing yet in the summer.
  13. i like milk tea bubble tea... the only flavor i drink
  14. Is bubble tea the same as boba? If so, I had it once and liked it, but I got bad diarrhea the next day. I wasn't sure if it was coincidence or not but I've been scared to try it again.
  15. Boba and bubble tea are the same thing. Apparently I don't like to call it boba since i heard it means "nipple" in Chinese... not sure if that's true since I don't know the language. I guess the combination of bubble ball makes it "boba" if I last recall.

    I always find it weird when the pearls are all warm and your drink is all nice and cold. I guess that's just me. I wait like 5 minutes after shaking it around so the pearls get cold.