Bubble Tea?

  1. Has anyone ever tried this? I had some for the first time when I went to Nashville and it was amazing! The one I tried was a cold vanilla flavored drink with tapioca balls on the bottom - sounds slightly odd, but it's delicious! :nuts: Does anyone know if this can be made at home? I can't seem to find any places that sell it (or have even heard of it LOL) where I live.

  2. Hi Sparkles, this is a pretty popular Asian drink. It comes in many different flavors. As such, it's available in many places that have a Chinatown. I don't know about making it at home, though - they generally use flavored powders to make the tea itself and I don't think that is available in stores. You can make a similar-type drink by adding milk to a fruit shake (making a fruit milkshake?) and adding in cooked tapioca balls.
  3. ^ Thanks hipnycmom! I didn't know it was Asian drink (the one I had was at a tea room) so I think I was looking in the wrong places for it here. I will try and see if I can find the tapioca balls separately. Maybe putting them in iced coffee will have the same effect?
  4. I love this stuff. My fav is taro smoothie. You can get the supplys from www.bubbleteasupply.biz. Good luck.
  5. I also love Taro but instead of tapioca I get pudding or jelly...yummy!!!!!!
  6. I'm not asian..but I do love bubble tea! I was introduced to it by an ex who was asian. I really miss drinking it...my favorite was the avocado smoothie with tapioca pearls...doesn't sound appealing but it really is..they make it sweet.
  7. Thanks for the link! I'm going to try and see if it's anywhere near as yummy if I make it myself :biggrin:

    They make pudding and jelly flavored balls? Or do you just put plain pudding/jelly on the bottom? That sounds really good too!
  8. i love it, i go to my local karaoke joint almost twice a week to have honeydew milk tea with aloe vera! Love :heart::heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart: bubble tea. Especially if its super thick with milk.
  9. I love Bubble Tea & I'm Asian. I used to drink it everyday without fail but haven't done that for a looong time. My favorite as of right now is Papaya with the multi colored lychee jelly. You can go to any Asian shopping strip & they'll have a tapioca shop. Alot of Asian restaurants are carrying it now too :beach:
  10. I drink the chai flavoured bubble tea. mmm-mmm plus it comes with that plastic anime top...NEAT! haha
  11. I love bubble tea with tapioca! You can buy the tapioca balls at Asian grocery stores and make it yourself. The trick is you have to cook the tapioca in water for 5-10 minutes, turn off the heat, but leave the pot (with cover on) on the stove for 1 hour. That's suppose to make the balls chewy. I haven't made my own though, since there are 2 good boba/bubble tea places near me. Good luck!!
  12. i'm addicted to buble tea :p
  13. Thanks for the tips!! I just found an Asian grocery store that's pretty close to my house so I'm going to cross my fingers that they carry tapioca balls! That would be a lot easier than having to get them shipped in from somewhere!

    And wow there are restaurants that serve bubble tea exclusively?? I feel as if I've been missing out! :lol:
  14. Most places with a China town will probably have a shop that serves tapioca drinks. Do you have a Sweetheart Cafe around you? I don't know if it's exclusive to the Bay Area but they have the best tapioca drinks and the best selection. I highly recommend honeydew milk with with tapioca! I also like it with coffee or just milk tea.
  15. I've only had something like that once. My friends called it boba. But it looks the same so that must be it. I really liked it but I had a really bad upset stomach the next day so I've been scared to try it again.