Bubble Quilt

  1. Does anyone know where can i get this Bubble Quilt (brown in color)? It seems that it is already out of stock but I super love this style. Please help!!! If you know, please provide the Shop and SA details. Many thanks!!

  2. You can order it thru Neimen Marcus. I believe it is a catalog item. The one in the pic, the color is actually called Dark Beige, it's also called khaki by some as it best describes the color.

    Try Saks too.
  3. Hey I just tried on this bag and I loved it! As of this past weekend you could get it at Saks 5th Ave Phoenix. Ask for Carol Williams, she is great! 602 955 8000
  4. Boslvoton, thanks alot. I will call Carol Williams at Saks for help. As I'm livnig in HK, I hope that they would accept oversea order.