Bubble Quilt

  1. I really like this handbag in the bowler. I am really torn between the dark brown, or the dark beige(which looks like a cross between khaki and taupe). Any recommendations. Also how well does the bag wear. Is it easy to access your things? If you had to choose between this bag and the sharpei tote which one would you get.:confused1:
  2. i think given jill's experience with the sharpey, that bag would be too fragile. i love the color of the dark beige but the chocolate brown is TDF, especially if you're looking for a fall bag. i think it depends on how many light vs dark bags you have...OR...you could get the bowler in beige and flap in chocolate brown...YUMMY!
  3. I am trying to decide too!! I love both the colors, I am so torn. I called Saks and they only had the light and dark beige. Does anyone know if they also had it in dark brown? thanks girlies:smile:
  4. NM has it in dark brown both colors are TDF!
  5. I stopped into Neiman's the other day and decided to try on the tote for fun...and instantly fell in love. I purchased the dark beige and it really goes well with everything. I've tried it on with dresses, jeans and skirts in both light and dark colors and it's absolutely gorgeous. I was curious about the dark white (it looks beautiful in pictures), but the color is sold out at Neiman's SF, SF Chanel Store and Neiman's in Palo Alto (CA). From what I've been told by SA's at Neiman's and Chanel, the dark white was the most popular, followed by the dark beige, dark brown then green--at least here in the Bay Area.

    Dark brown is very rich and I believe would be perfect for Fall. The beige I think is more versatile, but you really can't go wrong with either color. They're both beautiful! :smile:

    Oh, and I recently tried on both the black and white Sharpey totes--they're gorgeous, but very delicate. And after Jill's experience, I think we now know this would be an extremely difficult bag to maintain. The Bubble Quilt collection is not as fragile!

    Here is CHANELboy's thread on the Bubble Quilt collection--he has photos of people modeling them, perhaps that will help you in your decision:


  6. Mscupcake,thanks, this has really helped make my decision. I am going to get the dark beige. I felt it was the most versatile, lite enough and dark enough for all colors in a wardrobe.:nogood:
  7. you're very welcome! please post pix when you get your new bag =)

  8. No they didn't order the bubble quilt in dark brown. I just got mine from NM
    Here she is :yahoo:

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chocolate brown.
  10. I love dark beige
  11. has anyone seen the forest green one?! OMG
    talk about being to die for............ it is scrumptious. but if i buy another bag, things will not be happy in our household...:crybaby: