Bubble Quilt vs. Cloudy Bundle

  1. Hi Friends - What are the factors to consider when trying to decide between a cloudy bundle vs. bubble quilt?

    They seem practically the same to me: smooshy lambskin with quilted patterns made to be bubble-like. Except the Bubble Quilt is a little pricier.

    Which one will be more timeless? I'm *this* close to buying a Bubble Quilt but have this fear (and please don't laugh at me) that in a year or so, people are going to laugh that I spent so much money on a bag that looks like bubble wrap. Remember the Seinfeld episode on the Puffer Sleeve Shirt?

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  2. The Bubble Quilt is a lot puffier than the Cloudy Bundle.
    Whenever I see the BQ line, I think of my pillowtop mattress.
    All the diamonds are "inflated" which isn't the case on the CB.

    IMO, the CB would be more timeless.
  3. ^Its too too funny that you should mention the puffy shirt- I love that Seinfeld episode- its my favorite besides Kramer in the tight jeans..
    I got a puffy shirt at my desk that a lady brought in and I keep it on my chair as a joke.. lol- anyway- I got off topic.
    If you are looking for a bag that will always be instyle I think the cloudy bundle is the one to go with- if you can find it... IMO I do not really like the bubble quilts- but if its your style its your style- they are too too trendy for me. but any chanel you do buy will be a PIECE DU JOUR.. Regardless I don't think any chanel bought will be the "out bag" ever.
    So long story short- you will not go wrong with either.. I think
  4. It's funny. I thought the Bubble Quilt was the ugliest thing ever when we first saw photos and now it has grown on me. Never have liked the CB and it hasn't grown on me. The BQ would be one I would buy.
  5. Ha ha ha, the puffy shirt! I loved that one!

    I passed on the cloudy bundle when they first came out, and I don't regret it. They are very pretty bags, but they just weren't me. I like the BQ bags better, to me they are a bit more Chanel looking, JMO.
  6. i prefer the cb...but where can you find it?
  7. Thanks for all your feedback.

    I must admit that I am a total lemming when it comes to Chanels and this forum. When everyone seems to love a bag, I feel like I'm missing something if I don't get it!

    I have EGC dollars to spend and then I'm going on a ban for at least several months so it has to be a good choice! The N/S Cloudy Bundles seem to be completely sold out but there a couple E/W Cloudy Bundles left. I have one on hold. If I decide not to get it, I'll let you know!
  8. I own the CB, and have not seen the BQ IRL. In pics, the BQ doesn't send me. My CB n/s tote is on the top of my favorite Chanel bags list!