Bubble Quilt range - where and how much?!

  1. Hi, Ive seen on another thread here a bubble quilt tote or bowler bag and I wondered if any of you chanel gurus knew roughly how much they cost ? I only have two chanel bags the 2.55 in black and dark silver re-issue so I am totally unfamiliar with their range. I love the dark beige - khaki-ish colour of the bubble quilt. Also I live in London and you see so many Chloe's, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Balenciaga (my particular obsession!). Anyway I love this bag and would be grateful for any thoughts on the sort of price I could expect to pay. Also if anyone knows where I could get one in the UK or Chicago area (there on business next week) then I'd be super-grateful for your thoughts. ! Thanks ladies x
  2. i think there were a couple other PFers who had problems finding the bubble in the UK.
    If you are going to Chicago, you can check out the Chanel boutique or the NM. Saks in Chicago does not carry Chanel but the one in St. Louis does. PM me if you want the information of the SA who works there! They can ship to your hotel in Chicago and you don't have to pay tax! They don't charge tax when they ship to IL for some strange reason.

    Good luck! HTH!
  3. I think the bowler is $2595?
  4. ^ yes i think it is...
    and the small flap is 1795, the medium flap is 2695 and the large flap is 3150

    i'm not sure about the hobo-ish one...
  5. Ladies thanks so much, and Jeshika thanks for the offer to get the name of your SA in NM. I will call Neiman's and Chanel in Chicago and see how i get on and will pm you for details. You've been really helpful thanks so much. By the way - I have now seen the small flap in Chanel London. Its lovely but tiny too too small for me. One last question for you -Is the bubble quilt Big Flap a similar size to the jumbo 2.55 silver reissue that I have ?? Thanks so much !
  6. Hi. BQ line sold out in UK; trust me, I tried to get one!

    I know what you mean about the "usual suspects" in London. Every other person carries the Paddington (why do they all want to be alike?) and I think Chanel is a great, classic alternative. The BQ line is TDF. The bowler is a classic shape, carries everything whether you're off to work or travelling and the dark beige is fantastically versatile.

    Good luck.