bubble quilt hard to find?

  1. Well, recently i picked up my first chanel bag. i got the lamb single flap. while i was at holts i didnt see any bubble quilt bowlers. i wanted to know if this is a limited edition? im so in love with this bag and it looks so soft and cuddly i just have to have it. i realize that being in bc we probably dont get a lot of the bags that the us has. can anyone fill me in? maybe there will be opportunity to purchase this beauty.
  2. hi skyblue,
    i just got my bubble a week ago and yes, it was super hard. it depends on which color you like though, mine was dark beige which is pretty rare now. plenty of chocolate browns are still available though. just call a chanel boutique and have them search their computers for you. they can ship you one from anywhere in the country. good luck, let me know how it goes!!
  3. As of now it is a seasonal bag, but who knows it could be back in diff. colors.
    It is indeed a beautiful bag:tup:
  4. I think my Saks had at least a couple. Try the Saks in San Antonio, Texas. Ask for Nancy!
  5. try NM, mine had several last time I was there.
  6. NM San Antonio has some
  7. last week i checked Saks portland OR has some too. ( bowler and shoulder bags). good luck
  8. kinda sucks cause im not in the US. i called chanel and they told me that there were only 2 bowlers. but they sold out and they wont be getting anymore. is that normal?
  9. Seattle Nordstrom still have the Bubble Quilt Flap in Beige. Call them.:nogood:
  10. hi, i'm located in van too. i got my BQ bowler in light beige @ chanel boutique. From what i remember they ordered 3 in light beige. but it's possible that they ended up getting only 2.
  11. I saw some Bubble Quilted bags in the Stanford NM yesterday...and yesss, there I also saw a Bubble Quilted Bowler there. Good Luck with your quest.:yes: