Bubble Quilt Flap Price and Availability~~HELP~~

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  1. Dear Tpfer, just need you guys' help~~~

    I'm interested in the Pre-Fall Bubble Quilt Flap, since my friend is travelling in the US till 17th of Aug, I would like her to bring one back for you if it is available~~~

    Can anyone kindly tell me the price of this flap, and if it is available in any Chanel boutiques in Chicago?

    Thank you very much~~~


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  2. SAW THIS IN BLACK only.

  3. angela_liyifan : the bubble quilt small flap - USD$1995.00. NM Troy has this in Black and Light Beige.

  4. Thx very much
  5. so cheap? in UK is GBP1085, its worth to buy at $1995 USD right. Got the code for this bag?
  6. ^^A39690 Y05112 31013
    I'm in love with the light beige. :love:
  7. I just bought this from a consignment sale ... in GHW for $500 ... tags & everything!