Bubble quilt decisions--pix!

  1. You've probably seen my post before about that yummy small classic flap in the new bubble quilt line. Well, today her big sister came home with me from NM...but here's my dilemma...i DO NOT need 2 more dark brown bags, no matter what that crazy inner voice is telling me to do! So...which should I keep? Here is a picture of them next to each other. The stats follow below:


    small flap: $1795, tiny tiny tiny without even a pocket in the back but just cute as a button!

    med flap: $2695 (YIKES I KNOW, I FAINTED TOO!!) but much more functional. smaller than the bowler that you might have seen...

    I posted more pix of the flap at the reference thread.

    What I sorta want to do is keep the small flap in dark brown and get the med flap in the dark beige (olive IRL) but it seems NM doesn't get it in this color and Saks only has it in the white color (very pale khaki color)...and for whatever reason the flaps just look sooo rich in chocolate. But here's the thing, take a look at this vintage ligne bag that I already have in dark brown...too similar to this new bubble medium flap or ???

  2. so what to do? I think this bubble just reminds me so much of the vintage ligne leather, which I am completely smitten with, that I am compensating by wanting both of these bubble bags. Could someone please help me sort this all out! Have you tried it on or do you own one/both already...what should I do??
  3. ^^ they are both sooo fab
    but if I have to choose, I would actually choose the small flap, I think the med looks a bit more 'similar' to your other bag...(I think it's the shape) at least in the pics.

    Do post modelling pics! have fun :smile:
  4. If I have to pick one, I would pick the small flap. I tried on the med flap before.. ...not that comfy. Not to mention that you already have that gorgeous vintage ligne bag, that one and the med flap sorta look similar in a way.
  5. i love the small flap and adds variety to your collection.
  6. here are some modelling pix so you can see how they look on my munchkin "almost 5'3" frame...sorry for the shabby yoga clothes but it's also 1000 degrees here today!


  7. Loving the small flap on you! I'd definitely keep that one!
  8. ^^ after seeing these pics, definitely the small :smile:
    you look cute!
  9. I'd keep the small flap and hunt down a medium flap in a different color.
  10. i don't like the med flap at all, the small flap looks best on you... this ligne reminds me of an MJ line... :sad: never let go of the vintage ligne though!!
  11. I agree the small flap looks fabulous on you!
  12. I'd keep the small one also ... beautiful bags by the way!
  13. I like the way the small flap looks on you!!!:tup:
  14. Personally I love the med flap but on you i vote for the small one.
  15. I like the first flap. Lucky you! :biggrin: