Bubble Quilt Collection

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has many pieces from the Bubble Quilt collection in both dark beige and white. The dark beige is almost an olive/grey color. The white is more of a sand color. We currently have three styles and the prices are $1795, $2575, and $3150. I really like this collection, it is one of my favorites for fall this year.
    Bubble Quilt Small.JPG Bubble Quilt Tote.JPG Bubble Quilt Tote White.JPG Bubble Quilt Hobo.JPG
  2. They are all beautiful! Especially the 2nd. & 3rd. ones! :drool:
  3. pretty!
  4. Those are my favorites, as well.
  5. SO pretty! Does anyone know if the 2nd one will be hitting Singapore?
  6. These are also my favorite for the season! Gorgey!!
  7. very nice!!
  8. I went to Saks yesterday to check out those bags. #2 & #3 is my fav, and I like the color of #2 most. It really can goes with everything! I tried to take some pics modeling it, but the pic just could not do it justice. You definitely need to try it in person! And the leather is super soft!!! I feel like crying when I touched it....hahaha~~
  9. Love the bowler!!!
  10. Is the hardware gold or silver?
  11. my SA told me its a very delicate leather which has made me very weary since i am not so careful with my bags
  12. The hardware is a sort of soft, matte gold. I'm not usually crazy about gold hardware, but in this case it's one of the really nice features of the bags.
  13. the bag is gorgeous and TDF. I really like the dark brown.

  14. off topic....your little white puppy is ADORABLE:heart:
  15. i love #2. wait is it lambskin? (did i ask this before? hm don't remember lol)