Bubble Quilt bowlers anywhere?

  1. Has anyone seen any recently? Every time there is one listed on eBay, I try to "buy it now" and it's too late and it's already taken! :sad:
  2. Never mind, found it at NM!!:smile:
  3. could you share which store and what color? TIA
  4. I hope the link worked....Anyway, it was in dark beige and it's still in stock!
  5. Well, in case the NM online bag doesn't work out...did you see this post about bubble quilt sightings? I guess maybe the style is not what you are looking for, though.
  6. It did work and the bag was shipped. Yay!! Thank you, though, I appreciate it....
  7. thank you marla523 for info. and congrats on your purchase. show us the modeling pics when it comes!
  8. Was this the bowler (w/zipper closure) or flap style?
  9. It's the bowler....Selling my flap to buy this one....
  10. ;)haha..did the same thing too:roflmfao:
  11. You did? Did you not like the flap? Or do you just like the bowler better?
  12. For this ligne only, because the leather is sooo soft- I like the bowler sytle better BUT I'm a flap girl.;)
  13. I just got it! I do like the bowler style better. The only thing is that I was surprised how dark the "dark beige" is, it looks more like brown. But it is beautiful!
  14. ok, was just about to say that I found some at Chanel in Saks in Chevy Chase, MD