Bubble Quilt Bowler sold out?

  1. Does anyone know whether Saks or any other stores still have bubble quilt bowler in dark beige? :confused1:
  2. you can order it from the NM catalog online.
  3. Savannah is right. The dark beige bowler is available on Neiman Marcus Online. The catalog code is GF807. The item number is 9. For free shipping use code NMSHIP when you check out. Good luck!
  4. how about this flap one? can i order thru NM?
  5. Sorry, haven't seen that one in NM catalog, did see a dark white in the Saks catalog though.
  6. I haven't seen that one in the NM catalog either.
  7. Oh, I was not aware you could order chanel online. I have the "in circle" catalog and another NM one (100 years) but not one in which I see where I can order...hmmmm...

  8. Is this the largest flap ($3150) or medium flap ($2695)?
  9. NM catalog. Also I saw one at Saks in Atlanta.