Bubble quilt bag

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  1. I was wondering for those of you who have been to the trunk shows so far if you have seen the bubble quilt line? I am asking because I recently wait listed for the flap in this collection in the golden brown color that I have seen and white. Can someone tell me what color white this collection looks like, is it more of a gray white like the reissues and pny collection, or stark white? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I saw them today and loved them. The trunk show I went to had various bubble quilt styles in brown (not a dark chocolate but a medium, sienna sort of color), dark beige and white (more ivory, not stark white and not grey). My fave was the flap. :heart:
  3. I saw a pic of this one. What is the price on it?

  4. Depending on size and style, I think they ranged from $1875 or so up to $3,100 (for the largest flap bag I saw). The zip top and the smaller flap were more like $2500-2600.

    This is how I remember, so forgive me if I'm off. There were a lot of bags!
  5. The flap is $1795. I can't wait for these bags to come out, I love the look of them!


  6. Rollergirl: Did you happen to see the black modern chain e/w tote in the glazed calfskin?
  7. Oh, no! I totally forgot to look for the MC's and I really wanted to see what the leather was like. I'm going back for a while tomorrow so I can just check things out and enjoy, because today was sort of frantic. It seems most of the bags I saw were pre-fall, so I can't even say for sure the Modern Chain totes were there, but I'll find out. I was obsessing on the bubble quilts and the Sharpey sample.
  8. Sounds cute! prices are sky rocketing though,, :tdown:
  9. Is this the puffy one that a member was describing in another thread??
  10. Thanks for letting me know the price! Kinda high, I don't mind spending that but...

    Well we'll see
  11. LOL, don't you hate it when that happens? If you happen to see it, please LMK what you think because I'm on the list for that one. The bubble quilts and sharpey bags look gorgeous! Have fun tomorrow!
  12. Here are some pics. from Neimans trunk show and Saks

    Pics of the glazed leather and other cute bags...

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  13. These look so cute! I want to see them in person.
  14. ^Love these..!! Thanx for posting!:yes:
  15. me too, nothing like the IRL experience to see if the bag makes your :heart: pitter patter....