bubble jewelry prices

  1. hello all

    does anyone know the current prices on the bubble ring and bracelet? i've been lusting over them for a while, and I want to see if they can become part of my collection asap. tia!
  2. I know for sure that the ring was $125 because I bought two..one in the light pink which actually looks clear, and one in the dark pink. Here's the price sheet (the prices are about $5 less than printed though):
  3. nice rebecca!
    i was just at the store, so i was going to spout out those figures! without the lovely image though....

    rebecca, do you know how much the bubbly plastic looking inclusion ring was? not this new one.
  4. thanks girls! i'll be sure to post pics when i pic them up- maybe this weekend ;)
  5. I hope you get it, I love this collection but NOTHING fit me. I was so depressed.
  6. does anyone know what the inclusion prices for the bubbly kid type rings and bangle bracelets were?
  7. Bracelets are $255 and rings are $180 :yes:
  8. oh thanks rebecca! you are awesome!
    do you think that its worth it for a plastic ring? hm.
  9. thanks for sharing the prices! i want those earrings!
  10. Are they really plastic!:confused1:

  11. I though that the inclusion line was resin, not plastic. and yes, i totally think that they are worth it.
  12. i just said plastic as a reference. they are resin, with brass items and crystals in the interiors.