Bubble hems

  1. I am eyeing a gorgeous blouse by Tracy Reese, but I am concerned about the bubble hem. I am afraid that it may make the top dated. Should I just buy the blouse because it is gorgeous, and have my tailor let out the bubble ( burst the bubble! ) next season when the bubble hem is no longer cute. I just think it could make the blouse seem dated in a year or two. Any thoughts? Comments? Do you have/like the whole bubble hem thing? I have stayed away because I rememeber having a bubble skirt when I was in the 8th grade! Gotta love the 80s!
  2. I purchased a bubble hem dress from Active Endeavors recently by AKA New York:

    (Picture from Active Endeavors)

    I really like the look on me personally, but do think that it will be dated soon. I remember seeing them around last year, and I think this will be the last season for it.
  3. I have three bubble skirts and I can't wear them now without tights underneath because otherwise they would be too short. They are dark colors, so I plan to wear them in the fall of this year. They may be dated, but I really don't care. Besides, I have to wear them at least once because they were $0.47 a piece at oldnavy and I bought three. I love when stores have really good discounts.
  4. I have this DVF dress with the bubble hem. I don't think it'll be out of style anytime soon. They look good on a lot of shapes/sizes. That's a good idea to let the hem out if it does go out. I never thought about that.
  5. I love bubble hems :smile:
  6. I love 'em. I've got quite a few bubble dresses. Mostly Daryl K. Great idea to have them altered when they go out of style. That's exactly what I was planning on doing.
  7. I guess I'll be the voice of the minority... I think they're getting dated quickly and are on their way out. I wouldn't invest in a relatively expensive Tracey Reese dress with such an of-the-moment hemline.
  8. i love bubble hems! i think theyre so cute and fun
  9. i love bubble hems. i've been wearing them for about two years now ever since i found my first random bubble dress in topshop. and i'll keep wearing them until all of mine wear out and i can't find anymore.
  10. i love bubble hem stuff, they are so cute, very flattering, and they give that garment a 'pop' pf style. Dated or Not, I would still rock em until I fall out of love with them.
  11. i bought a casual jersey bubble hem dress, was reasonably priced. i don't think i'd spend a lot on one, just b/c it wouldn't be wearable long term, but i'm happy to buy a jersey version to take advantage of the trend
  12. I have dresses and skirts with bubble hems, and I love them. I know that they'll date in a year or two, but like you said, I'll just let it out, or iron the edge so it looks straight.
  13. Thanks for all the input. I think I am leaning towards not getting the Tracy Reese blouse. It's the one thing that I don't absolutely love about the top, and it is a relatively expensive for a trendy style like the bubble hem. Of course, who knows what my shopping alter ego will do when she sees the blouse again??!? :p
  14. i love bubble hems! its soooo cute even bubble shorts are adorable. it could be out but if you like the style still u can wear it.
  15. i think bubble hems are cute, and this is one style that you can easily fix once it goes out of fashion-- just bring it in to a good tailor and they can "un-bubble" the hem for you! So if you think of it that way, you can wear it now, and still wear it in the future once the bubble trend goes out, its a win-win situation :smile: