Bubble hems - still cute in 2008?

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Is the dress a keeper?

  1. Cute! Keep it.

  2. Meh - ebay that thing.

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  1. I just bought this Ya Ya dress for $100 - regular $155 but I had a great coupon code :P. It reminded me of this adorable McQueen dress Lily Allen wore once, but at a fraction of the cost! Anyways, I thought it was really cute and would look great with tights in the winter, but was also hoping it would translate well for next Spring / Summer with bare legs and sandals. I'm second guessing my purchase before it even arrives because of the bubble hem, which is a bit 'trendy'. Do you think it will still be cute next year or should I ebay this the second it arrives :confused1: ?

    Here is the dress I bought:
    Here is the "inspiration" dress by McQ:
  2. Like the slouch and layerability - I gotta say I don't love the tight band on some of the newer bubble hems though. The black isn't as noticeable though.
  3. That is a really cute dress! I love it. Definitely a keeper. You can wear it so many ways. You can wear it out at night. If I wore that during the daytime, I would layer with a cardigan over the dress and long leggings with boots.
  4. ooh i like the dress!
  5. Too 80's to me. If you're 25, maybe- over 25, not a chance, even with lots of accessorizing.
    I think the current trend is less fuss, more classic lines. Just my opinion.
  6. i really like it :smile:
  7. Your dress is super cute! I wish it didn't have the zippered pockets but it is hardly noticable. Make sure you give the same sassy pose & glare as the model when people look at you, so they dare not say bubble hems are out of style! LOL
  8. ^ LOL!

    I love the dress! I own a few bubble hemmed dresses and I plan on wearing them again. For now, they look so hot with tights and bootie!
  9. Thanks for your opinions everyone! I'm on the high end of the 18-24 age bracket (ha ha) so I was wondering if it were too immature for me or something, since the style is pretty "fun". I agree with the comment about not loving the pockets so much... but they're pretty camouflaged. I guess I'll know when it arrives, if I feel silly in it, I think Revolve Clothing has a good return policy?
  10. Cute! I think the band on the bottom actually makes it more wearable than a true bubble hem, like the McQ one. I have a similar one (from H&M) with the banded hem and you can pull it up higher on your thighs to give it more of a bubble shape or pull it lower to make it less poufy (which also means you can keep wearing it after bubble dresses are declared out.

    I'm also over 25.
  11. I absolutely love Bubble hem dresses. I'm 28 at the moment and definitely do not think they're better suited for under 25s. I think it's all about how you wear and style/accessorise the dress. My favourite bubble dress at the moment is this Betsey Johnson dress, does anyone know if this is from Betsey's lastest line, last line or from 2 lines ago? They're all sold out in my size, I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere :crybaby:


    I also love this Sass & Bide bubble hem dress which i wore to death this past winter with opaque stockings andankle boots and am planning on wearing it to death during summer as well with flat sandals and bare legs ;)

  12. Keep it!
    Its really cute:tup:

  13. cute! keep it.