"Bubble Gum"?

  1. I saw a swatch of this is the reference thread and now I'm hooked. Does anyone know when it will debut or have anymore photos or info? :flowers:
  2. Bubblegum debuted quite a while ago. It has been in NM for awhile and everywhere else I assume. There are many tpf girls who have posted pictures of their Bubblegum bags.
  3. There are a lot of BG owners & here is a thread with lots of BG bags.

    Here's mine!
    BbagBGcity6.jpg pinkBG3.jpg
  4. Whoah girl, where have you been? Is this a practical joke? :blink:
  5. Wait the photo I saw was like a HOT RED PINK? Man, I guess that swatch was off!!

    Oops! My bad, sorry folks!! :flowers:

    p.s. maybe it wasn't bubble - gum but the next balenciaga red????
  6. Haha...whew...you had me going there for a minute. ;)
  7. It totally looks different - but then again, now that we've seen most of them IRL, they all look off on that swatch board. It looks like a darker 04 Rose in this pic. (If only!)
  8. No, bubblegum is not red at all. Very very pink. Light pink.

    The next Balenciaga red (F/W 08) is supposed to be crimson. Hope it's a mix between RT and Bordeaux because I'd love a dark red bag. :p
    (PS: can't believe I'm over 400 posts already! i'm on here way too often...)
  9. Well the next red is Vermillion, supposed to be coral, but maybe just red. In a month or two......
    Wow, all of the swatches look so dark on that sample board! The turquoise must be a lot lighter too IRL!
  10. ^^For real? ANOTHER Vermillion?
  11. It seems like turquoise light-ness is similar to sky blue coz on that swatch they do look like they have the same depth in colour. :confused1:
  12. I said that too "another vermillion"?! We have all been waiting for a Pink like 08 to come out since 04 Rose. I know it's not exactly the same, but in the shade, whoa!!! It's a dead ringer! Reds, in particular vermillion have been very common lately. Whereas a pink like this is a breath of fresh air! I am patiently waiting to get my Bubblegum Pink SGH Hobo. I have always wanted a fun bag and this is it baby!
  13. KDC, I cannot wait to see your BG SGH Hobo. Read you got it in another thread. I am so tempted to get it too but I already have a BG City!
  14. [​IMG]

    pinkboudoir, your BG is amazing!! She literally looks as smooth as silk! Ummmm :drool:!!!