Bubble gum pink first on ebay

  1. I saw that before. Is it just me or is that bag really stained? I noticed that the seller sold this exact one before, so it probably got returned by the previous buyer.
  2. I asked about that and the previous buyer did not pay so she had to relist. I have a question about the bubblegum pink though. This one looks like a litter pink where as the city that was listed in the marketplace looked much brighter. Does anyone know which is truer to the actual color?
  3. i have my bubblegum pink work today and the pix is pretty true to color. i think mine has lightened up just a bit with use. can you refer me to other pix and i can check it for you? i love this color.
  4. This bag has been up for sale for so long! I remember seeing it on certain Live Journal communities too.. and it was also up for sale here. (hehe the seller advertised pretty enthusiastically on other people's threads, which is how I remember.) Hope it sells soon! It's been listed so many times.. :sad:
  5. yhassan, the first 3 pix are unrealistically bright. the 4th is a truer representation. i took out my mirror whic i keep inside the pocket so it has not faded and it is slighty darker than the rest of my bubblegum work.ebay color is much closer to IRL color of bubblegum. hope this helps!
  6. Thanks so much! That helps a lot!
  7. Hi Yhassan
    I bought that bag on the PF- I really love it! I just checked the color- and this is what I think- when the bag is under bright lights it looks like the color in the ebay auction and when it is in darker lighting it appears to look a tad brighter- the pics on the PF are not the true color of this bag- it is more accurate of the last photo with the smudge mark- in the other photo's it makes it look almost florescent- which it definitely is not- so with all that said I think the ebay photo's are accurate. The color looks gorgeous under either lighting! I would snag that ebay bag- good deal- although she does not mention the condition. I LOVE the color!