Bubble gum pink City or Twiggy?

  1. Hi,

    I am torn between getting a BG city or twiggy, although i think the colour may look 'cuter' with the twiggy style. Currently I have one black city, sandstone first and bleu twiggy.

    ANy comments appreciated. TIA! :flowers:
  2. That's a very tough call - I think I might lean toward a twiggy in the BG. Not sure if this makes any sense, but IMO there is something about the shape of a twiggy that often makes the leather look even chewier, which could be a really great compliment to the BG color.
  3. I have a city and a twiggy and while I love both, I do like the twiggy more. I don't carry a ton of stuff, but I can get to things much more easily in the twiggy.

    I think a bg pink twiggy would be absolutely adorable!
  4. i kinda agree that the colour and twiggy match better together. strangely, i think only certain same colours match better with both the day and twiggy - there's no logic :p
  5. I think the BG twiggy is adorable! I vote for twiggy!
  6. You have both the City and Twiggy, is there one that you reach for more than another? I am very partial to the Twiggy, but just because it's my ideal bag, doesn't mean it's yours! KWIM? If you really love them equally, then I would vote for the Twiggy! : )

    I wish you well,

  7. I'd say the Twiggy, but I love the twiggy style for a number of reasons.
  8. i totally agree that the color looks better if it's a twiggy :tup:
  9. I'm a City girl myself and would vote for the City, but with GSH.
  10. i say twiggy. how cute would that be! :love:
  11. Ditto!
  12. another vote for the city!!!
  13. Just an update, I was told by the SA at Bal SG that BG pink twiggy will not be coming in, so I am left with the city version. Not sure if it's not being manufactured or Bal SG is not bringing it in :s
  14. I'd go for the Twiggy

    Has this bag been bought by any TPFer yet???
  15. I'm a twiggy lover so I think the BG would look cute in a twiggy :p