Bubble Gum or Magenta?

  1. I have been on waiting list for a Bbag in Bubblegum but when I saw the color in person. It is a bit pale to me. Anyway, I love pink and don't much into purple shade.

    Magenta looks better in person but the color tends to be mixed between purple and pink.

    Which one you like better? I need a quick comments ,please.

    Thanks a lot!:flowers:
  2. I like both, but all the magentas I've seen are very very veiny, so I think it depends also on the kind of leather you like.
  3. Personally I think the Magenta has more depth to it than BG. From what I've seen most of the BG have smooth leather and the magentas are more veiny.
  4. Wow! I had the opposite reaction to the BG! I think it is pretty dark. I was even wondering if I rec'd the Magenta by mistake! I was hoping it would look more like the pics of 05 BG.
  5. Is it possible that the BubbleGum bag you saw in person was a lighter shade than most? I know that different dye lots can vary ... ?
  6. I was wondering the same thing ... I may have to get one of each, have to see the magenta irl though!
  7. magenta gets my vote.
  8. Um....and If I got a Cambon bag in Pink..should I go for another pink bag?
  9. girl i'm having the same problem as u i can't decide between the 2
  10. I love love love my BG!The color is just perfect..I think magenta is too dark..kinda purpley like u said.
  11. i'd prefer magenta, but i like both
  12. I like the magenta :tup:
  13. I thought i would like the magenta more. But after seeing it IRL, i fell in love with the BG. The BG i saw was a very saturated pink. Not so much a light pink. Also, the magenta was really veiny and i didn't like it.
  14. Magenta!
  15. I'd love a Magenta Day with GSH, but the "leather" is the issue.

    Magenta ROCKS with GSH.....I saw it in person and fell in love.....:love: