Bubble Earrings Question

  1. Could someone please tell me if the bubble earings come in sets of two pairs when purchased.
  2. OK l just found out the answer they come in sets of two pairs.
  3. Yep, 2 pairs. There are 2 different color combinations that I know of...I think there's a dark pink and a light pink and one other one.

  4. My partner got me the bubble earrings for Christmas and thet came in a set of two pairs (light pink and clear), however on the LV web site it does not say that they come in sets of two pairs so l thought that the sa had made a mistake!

    Thank you for your response
  5. You're welcome! I know, sometimes the site doesn't give as much info as it should. But congrats, those are adorable earrings!
  6. can you just buy one pair alone???
  7. No they only come in sets of 2 pairs.
  8. i wonder how much. i never even paid attention to those.
  9. They're $250 for 2 pairs :yes:
  10. Here was the original planning map:
  11. uhmm... does this alow to mix to other colour when purchasing?
    as like I want to have clear and dark colour not soft pink and darker colour??
  12. I'm not actually sure. I've seen 2 variations of the earrings on the card and they come in fixed sets so you can't swap. The ones I've seen so far are dark pink/light pink (the bottom color on the planning map) and the dark pink/pink (middle color on the planning map).

  13. I did saw these at boutique store but I haven't ask that.

    however that 'bubble' is that sort of plastic?
  14. They are pretty, but my fingers and my wrist just doesnt suit them. The ring kept fallen aka dropping ... the bracelet, once I swing them ... loosen ... like they need really be fitted to ur body parts, they adorable, but really must try first before buying, even u can bend the jewellry, u wont want to do that :love:
  15. I've seen 2 different sets, raspberry/pink and pink/light pink. And according to Rebecca's post...she's seen a raspberry/light pink? So I guess technically, you could pick the colors you want...assuming your store has all 3 sets in stock.