Bubble earring?


Sep 20, 2006
Anyone have any information on the bubble earring? I couldn't find any information about it on the forum. I was wondering if people have any information on it? Or is it just a runway thing?

Thanks everyone.
i was wondering about this last night too.. this is all i could find on here about them

then i went into the boutique this morning and saw the ring, but didnt ask about the earrings, i wish i did.
SOooo cute...would love a bracelet but the back part is rectangular and not rounded so I think that'd look a little weird...the earrings are super cute too but I'd be so scared of losing one!
i know i want those bubble earrings too! I believe you get 2 pairs as well1 Which is a heck of a deal! What colors you want?> I like the light pink and the raspberry. Ugh I love those.....

im gonna skip class tomorrow to go see them