bubble bubble

  1. So i open up my email and have an email from eluxury....my sweetie randomly ordered me the bubble ring!!! hehe i was excited :yahoo:

    I cant wait to get it!!! i hope it gets past my ginormous knuckles!!! hehe

    I know i knowwww... its a tiny purchase i just thought it was super cute of him!!! :smile:
  2. Hey, any LV purchase is not JUST a tiny purchase! :nuts:
    It's great that your boyfriend got you such a cute gift; are you going to pretend to be surprised when you get it?
  3. how sweet!
  4. Congrats!
    I'm sure the ring will fit fine, if not, DON'T be afraid to bend it open a bit because it's really very adjustable. :yes:
  5. awww soo cute. i wanted to earrings but alas...another thing i think i missed out on. :'o(

    i have bad luck!
  6. awww, how cute! that was very sweet of him.
  7. So sweet of him, congrats!
  8. hehe thanks you guys! ive been wanting the bubble ring, but im one of those girls that LOVES shopping in the boutique sooo i was waiting!! there no LV here in oklahoma :sad:

    and what sucks even more than that is that he is in arizona :sad: BOOOHOOO HOOO!!! He's not good with suprises haha so he forwarded me the email :smile:

    but im glad its bendable!! i really should stop cracking my knuckles haha :smile:a

    thanks again guys! hehe im so excited right now! i wonder how long itll take to ship!?!?
  9. that is very sweet of him, congrats.
  10. That's so sweet, especially if it was a surprise!
  11. that's so sweet of your bf! can't wait to see pics!
  12. Congrats! Post some pics when you get it! Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetie...
  13. For some reason I thought you were talking about the game :roflmfao: Congrats!
  14. yeah hes def a keeper! :smile: loving lv filled suprises hehe

  15. how nice!! pls post photos enjoying your new ring !!