bt's Pine City with GGH and Updated Bal Family Photos!

  1. WOW WOW WOW Gorgeous Yummy Congrats! Did I just say that about my own bag?

    I've been looking for the ultimate pop GH bag in a City size in a not so obvious color like red pink or purple. I didn't want black cuz I've already got a City and GGH Work. Nothing was becoming my holy grail in this category.

    Then there it was....and thank you "L" for pointing her out or I never even would have considered this color, but I LOVE IT!!! Ok, now enough gushing here are the pics of my new:

    :heart:Vert Foret / Emerald / Pine GGH City!:heart:



    amateur modeling (negotiated with BF to take these for y'all!):


    and now since Deco set a new standard for modeling shots, the 'looking down' shot:
    IMG_1344.JPG IMG_1343.JPG IMG_1337_trim.jpg IMG_1338_trim.jpg IMG_1339.JPG
  2. And updated Family Photo (this is why I have to ban myself now). I think I have a bbag I truly love for every situation???

  3. You are very welcome "H". It looked fab on you and i knew you would look gorgeous with this bag. I am so happy that i could help you out.:heart: Congrats again.:yahoo:
  4. Wow, BT, you are on a roll!! Congrats on the new pine with the gorgeous leather!! And I cannot stop :drool: over your anthra!! I am longing for an anthra giant hobo and I hope that when I find one it has gorgeous leather like your day!!
  5. Brunette~ Your Pine is beautiful! Love it with the GGH....the leather looks sooo thick CONGRATS
  6. I love your new pine - what a gorgeous color! And your family pic is so cute!!!
  7. I love green bags!!! Congrats-she's a beauty! :smile:
  8. wooa, that pine is stunning! i don't think i'll ever get a bbag in green---i have too much green-color clothing it'll look too matchy matchy for me--but the vert thyme and pine are just so pretty--makes me want to get my mom a pine--whose favorite color is green! thank you for hte beautiful pictures:smile:
  9. brunettetiger she's gorgeous! I love how she rounds out your collection. When read what you were looking for my first thought was why not red or purple? and then I saw your collection. Nanaz has a great eye! Congrats!!
  10. Congrats, it's always great to see perfect matches!!! :tup:
  11. :drool::drool: Fabulous collection BT! I love the group shot, my favorite is your anthraday!
  12. I am surprised more people have not bought this color-I think it is one of the best Bal greens ever.
  13. thank you! I'm surprised there aren't more out there either. I guess this is one of those sleeper hits that has to be tried on to be appreciated! The tape color on mine is a match and the handle rope matches too. And the leather....mmmmmmm

    NANAZ definately has a great eye for B's!

    I thought it would compete with Anthra in my closet (ehhrmm new bookshelf display) but I feel there is a place for both - just depends on what I am wearing. Contrast appeals to me more than matchy matchy - with the exception perhaps of Tomato + CLs (peppers)!

    I am trying to stop letting my bags dress me (not knocking it, just that it stresses me out too much!) and truly use them as they were meant to be - a fabulous accessory! The goal - carry the same bag for a whole week straight, then switch on Saturdays. This hasn't worked yet but i'm trying!
  14. Wow, I have not seen any pine with gold -awsome I love it.
    I would pick the same color, love green too.

    Congrats, this might be my next purchase!