Bslenciaga Paris George V

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  1. Had the most pleasant experience in Paris. Moulika is a new SA only with them for 3 months and teaming with enthusiasm, I bought 2 phone covers, a watch, the lavender bleu strap wallet, a black RGH clutch and my Glycine city !!!

    The entire loot was sent straight to my hotel so I could continue downward to Hermes !!!

    Reveal pictures soon!
  2. keen to see the photos! heading to Paris next month. How much did u pay for your city?
  3. Need help here. Where can we find balenciaga in Paris?
  4. The main places in Paris are:

    Balenciaga Store George V - 10 Avenue George V

    Printemps - Blvd Haussmann

    Galeries La Fayette - Blvd Haussmann