B's & K's galore, no Constance?

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  1. Hi all, does anybody know if its extremely hard to get a constance these days??

    Please don't flame me for admitting this but I just don't want any more birkins or kellys right now! I am absolutely dying for a Constance. My SA just keeps saying... none to be had.

    Is Hermes trying to make this their next super exclusive bag??

    Starting to get a little bitter about it. Lol

    Any insight or sightings appreciated. I mostly shop in Vegas, NYC, Miami & Toronto.
  2. Have you looked through these threads?

    Questions about Constance availability?
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    Then... there are specific Constance threads, where availability is discussed:

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    And... Constance availability has been discussed in the clubhouse, too:

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  3. I don't know about the purse though I do know that the wallet is so hard to find, like my Paris trip, my mom was able to score a birkin, I came across kelly wallets, but I still couldn't find a constance wallet
  4. Last a Saturday afternoon there was a lovely lady in the TO H buying china and wearing a micro mini dark brown shiney croc Constance. One of the most understated glamorous pieces imaginable.

    Sorry didn't see any for sale.
  5. Yes extremely hard
    Harder than birkin n kelly
    Esp 24 n elan
  6. There are several current threads on this. Closing this one so you may contribute to one of them. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.