Brynne owners...question

  1. Can this bag be worn on the shoulder? Thanks
  2. I just used mine today! Great bag...big and not too heavy and yes, it can be worn over the shoulder. The strap drop is 7 inches, so a little tight. That would be my only complaint. Big winter coats it might not work with, but rockin' it in the crook of your elbow is a must. Makes me feel like a movie star :supacool::supacool::graucho::graucho:
  3. I had a Brynne and returned it. On mine, the straps did not want to lay flat, so it would slip, no matter how I arranged them. As posk pointed out, it is a tight drop, kind of in your armpit!

    The bag is really quite light for a Kooba, as well.
  4. I have a Brynne and yes, it is a tight fit on the shoulder. I tend to carry it on my arm. It's a great bag and I use it often.
  5. I'm currently carrying the Brynne (about to switch though) it fits over my arms but not so much when I'm wearing my heavy puffy winter jacket.
    I got SO many compliments on this bag - the leather is wonderful - and the color is awesome (Auburn). I'm switching on and off between that and the Red Devin. (a definite shoulder bag). Got to love this leather!

    For the most part the Brynne stays on my shoulder unless I'm wearing a puffy jacket and it slides down the sleeve. I have to situate it correctly on my shoulder and then the straps lay flat.
  6. I have the Brynne in Auburn too, and I LOVE IT! Use it quite a bit. Light bag, Koobawise, and again as others have said it gets sooo many compliments. It's my second favorite use a lot Koba only next to the Lucy because I love the leather and the weight!!
  7. Ditto!!! :tup::heart:
  8. Wow, I just carried my Brynne today for the first time in about a month. I absolutely LOVE this bag...

    It fits over the shoulder nicely, IMO. It's not a loose fit by any means, but still comfy. I don't wear real thick winter coats so I don't think there will be an issue with that. I do agree with the other gals though... it is soooo comfy to carry in the crook of the arm, and it looks so fab that way too!!!
  9. You gals are great! Thanks for all the "expert" opinions. I love the look of this bag but tend to prefer to wear one on my shoulder. I like the option. I think I will unveil her today!!!