Brynne or Paige?

  1. I have a new Kooba addiction. I'm thrilled with my new Jillian and Ginger and am itching to get one more. I'm having trouble deciding between the Brynne or Paige. I love the look of the Brynne, especially in Oak, but I'm concerned that it will not go very easily on my shoulder. It has a short drop and I can't tolerate carrying a purse in my hand or elbow. I already have trouble getting the Ginger on my shoulder wearing my winter coat. The Paige is attractive also. I like the outside pocket.

    What're your opinions.
  2. I love my Auburne Brynne and Bourbon Paige..the Paige is definately easier to carry on the shoulder, but the Brynne is a lot lighter in weight.

    I've been favoring my Lucys and Brynne lately and giving the Paige, Jillian, and Ada a rest since lately I am favoring the lighter bags. Don't think this helped much though. Just my 2cents.
  3. I love my Brynne and would choose it above the others that you mentioned. :love:

    I don't have an issue carrying the Brynne on my shoulder.
  4. I would vote for the Paige. I like the Brynne a lot and returned it, b/c my straps didn't want to lay flat on the shoulder and were slipping. If you prefer the Brynne, make sure there is a return policy, in case it doesn't work out for you.
  5. Brynne def won't work with a Winter coat--I tried that and ended up carrying it. It's best worn coatless. I love the bag though!
  6. Paige. Very functional with the large front pocket and the side pockets. Large but not too large. And good looking too.
  7. I kinda wish designers would remember the winter crowd :smile: Im average size and its hard to get those bags over my shoulda! But, I'll a Brynne......(Desperately searching if you feel sorry for me at all.......:girlsigh:)