1. Would any of you use a brynmore or would u def leave it for the men. I have 2 young children and i am about to open my own shop as weird as it may sound i will have to ride or walk to the shop as if any of you have been to stratford upon avon parking is rubbish. As i will need quite a bit of stuff in it i thought it would be ideal to go over my back. ii am scared what i will look like and would def not use a rucksack as my mom suggested. Please don't think i am some mad wierdo with helmet and trouser clips things on!:nogood:
  2. It's a nice bag but reckon it could get really heavy! - and personally I find big heavy messengers really hurt my neck/shoulder. I think sometimes practicality has to take over from Mulberry madness and in your situation i'd look at a crumpler bag!!! (that's what my Dh uses for commuting to the city and wearing on his bike- the messenger styles have a special little strap to stop the main strap slipping)
    What shop are you opening out of interest??!
  3. Weeell, TBH messenger bags aren't really my thing, so I wouldn't use one, no. Having said that, I can appreciate the styling, and certainly the practicalities that they offer. Wasn't familiar with this one, so just checked it out on It does look like a great bag for what it is. It looks pretty big too, so hopefully would accommodate all your bits and bobs. Definately cooler than a rucksack (bless your mum, sounds like the kind of helpful suggestion mine would make too:lol:)

    Have you tried it on? I guess it could be said that it is quite a masculine style, but TBH, if you wear it well and it suits your needs, I don't really see that as an issue.

    I know you took your Elgin back, and it might not be ideal for the bike, but it's certainly a very stylish solution if you're on foot?

    PMSL at your comments re. the helmet and trouser clips, and this is gonna sound weird too....but, how about a little basket for your bike. Voila, you could have whichever bag really takes your fancy, and bobs-your-uncle....just stick it in the basket :supacool:
  4. Hi - I just checked the bag out, too and agree with most of what Alycat says. That said, it really could be quite practical for a commute to work. Whatever you decide, however, I am sure that you will look fab!!!! With a Mulberry, how could you not????
  5. I actually saw it in a mens shop in Stratford as nobody in Stratford Upon Avon sells mulberry anymore:crybaby::crybaby: i tried it on an Chris (husband) said i only like it cause it was mulberry and the problem with that is??????

    The shop is going to be called Mucky Pups selling childrens deisgner clothes, Timberland, Elle, DKNY, Chipie, Jean Bourjet, Roxy, Quiksilver,Levi and Ralph Lauren.

    No more just being mom for me anymore and i can't wait in the nicest way i am very busy sorting it at the moment. Maybe i will have to explore a better bag or even a basket quite cute i think.
  6. Woah - my sons love Quiksilver - I'll have to order it from you! The brynmore is pretty big. How about Marta? The outlets have them for £148 in the sale in oak and olive. I've just got it in pink and it's a great bag. It's not too big but is bigger than the Antony, Joel etc, but totally feminine looking. Might be a good alternative.
  7. I cheffed in Stratford for a while,and yes the parking is just sh*te!!!! Have a look at an Alfie,has a long shoulder strap,so you could do it messenger styley if you were on your bike or as a normal shoulder bag when you're on foot,its big,would hold as much as an Elgin but its not ginormous!!! AND,its a very attrative looking bag,very cool and urban.

    You can only get them in outlets now,but the neutral one is gorgeous!!! And I'm certain they wre £197 quid!!! A guy posted one on our photo reference thread,have a look and see what you think!!!
  8. just googled the alfie! it shall be mine thanks!!
  9. :tup::tup: Yay, post pics!! No bag bans here!!!!
  10. I`d try it out first , they are quite big , not ginormous but quite big and heavy :smile:
  11. I would not hesitate to use a Brynmore if I had one - bet it would be a great schoolbag... I think it would work just fine as a unisex messenger unless you are teeny tiny - I have seen several girls with them here in Copenhagen and found that it looked great... better that a backpack any day!
  12. what about jasper??
  13. or barnaby?