Bryn satchel

  1. Just saw the Bryn today having decided it would probably be my next purchase, and I'm slightly disappointed. I agree with previous comments - the flame is bright orange and not a versatile colour at all, especially in the cooler months. The leather was very matt on the petrol version which I wasn't sure about, although it's a nice colour. I really like the oak one and think I would wear it a lot BUT....this just doesn't look like a £695 bag to me. It is very similar to a bag that a friend of mine bought recently for around £150 from either Jigsaw or Whistles. I tried it on and it looked great cross-body but it's not a bag to hold by the hand, and the tiny turnlock is SO fiddly! Having said that. I love the outside pocket, handy for Oyster card or even your mobile phone, and I do think it's a hugely wearable bag. Not sure if it will become a classic though, as unlike the Bays and Alexa which spawned hundreds of high street copies, the Bryn seems to be a repeat of bags that are already available on the high street.....surely for £700 a bag should make your heart sing and not be a sensible buy?!!!
  2. I heard a rumour that Mulberry actually make all Whistles' handbags..?
  3. I could wait no longer...I've just ordered the Flame in the larger size (the SBS in Flame reveal made me do it) ...Hope I love it or I'll be gutted that I spent all those hours looking a pictures of it and drooling
  4. Oh how exciting. Can't wait to see your reveal. I'm a big fan of this bag. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :smile:
  5. Ooh, looking forward to your reveal! Hope you love it :biggrin:
  6. Wow really?! Whistles bags are fabulous. My friend's satchel was called Marianne and is very similar to the Bryn, it's a gorgeous orange colour and she said it cost over £200 but definitely les than £300. Whistles currently have a satchel called Floriana on their Outlet section which is again strangely Bryn-ish at a mere £95 down from £195! It's in black, might have to give it a whirl...
  7. Thanks cupcake and fionarcat I will def do a reveal even if I'm not keen but I have everything crossed :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:
  8. :happydance::happydance:
  9. Heehee! It's infectious, I'm so excited for you :smile: When does it arrive?
  10. Yes, please do a reveal! I'm thinking about getting the Bryn (in oak), so I would love to see pictures of yours when it comes!
  11. I ordered it from Mulberry yesterday so I'm thinking Tuesday Hopefully
  12. I will do a reveal when it comes I can't wait :graucho::graucho: The Oak looks lovely
  13. I was thinking about the flame Bryn today, but was unable to go to Stockholm and buy it...
    And now i'm not sure at all. It lookes lovely on the website and I have been on the lookout for a red bag for years. Is the bag not so red, as the pictures say?

    In that case, I wonder if it's even worth the trip to NK....

    Is there anyone out there, who's bought this bag, and can show me some true pics then? :smile:
  14. I loved the Bryn. It's really nice bag. However, I don't think I'll be buying it soon. It's too small for me!

    Anyone else thinking it's a really small bag for its money. I mean, you could just buy a Bays instead...
  15. I would love the Bays satchel but I can't find it on anymore, in flame.
    The only option for me to get a red-ish bag from Mulberry, seems to be the Bryn.

    And I actually like the style of the bag, but I have'nt been able to check her out live yet.

    Well, I've got some time to kill tomorrow to.
    Still mourning the loss of red Jody a few years back, though...:p