Bryn satchel

  1. The flame Bryn is the one i can't wait to see!! Although I am firmly on the sofa :sad:
  2. I think I could be tempted by any one of the oak, flame or petrol ones! I should probably just avoid mulberry stores for a while!
  3. I'm heading into Mulberry on Monday to get more collonil (you really can get through it, can't you?!). I'm a little concerned that I'm going to find the Bryn too tempting. I've really liked it since I saw a photo of Alexa with a small black one before the new season was launched and we all had no idea what it was.
    I do love the petrol and flame, but I don't know if I'm brave enough. We'll see if I fall in love on Monday... :biggrin:
  4. Saw the Bryn this week, I loved it in all colours! Only thing I wasn't sure about was the leather on the petrol one, it was oddly matt compared to the others and put me off a bit. Would happily purchase any of the others though.
  5. I think the Bryn will bring loads of people back to Mulberry if they've wandered! :smile:
  6. What did you think of the size guns? Could you fit much in it?
  7. I am absolutely loving the Bryn from the pics I've seen. I will be going to the Mulberry store soon (apparently the San Francisco store just got them in stock this week) - planning on getting the small black one.
    I don't think the bag is very big - according to the SA I spoke with, the larger size Bryn fits less than a Small Bayswater satchel.
  8. Oh so they do! I could only find the black though, I hope there'll be an oak oversized too! That would be very tempting...
  9. Selfridges also have some new season items which are not yet on, including a lovely flame red SBS.
  10. After a month or so I'm still obsessing over the Flame..I'm like the proverbial moth to it ....
  11. The small was very small! The regular looked like a good size though, looked like you could happily get an ipad or kindle plus purse and other bits and bobs in.
  12. Hmmn I'd discounted it as too small when I saw the dimensions online, but I like it so much that I need to see IRL before walking away.

    I don't need to cart around an iPad and files, just need space for purse, pouch, phone, keys hairbrush, inhaler, book and umbrella. Do you think it'll take those or look bulgy?
  13. You'd really need to see it yourself I think, it might be ok with the stuff you've listed. Depends on size of book/ umbrella I guess.
  14. So the regular size looks okay?....I got a ruler out at work and drew the dimensions on some paper then folded it into place to see the size .... That's not good is it? :shocked:
  15. I'll have to see if my nearest HoF has any on stock. It's sad quite how much I want it to be perfect for my needs! :smile: