Bryn satchel

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    Just got an email.
    2 sizes...
    6.5" X 5.5" or
    10" X 6.5"
    19.5" strap I believe on both.
  2. Oh really? What a shame! Where did you get this info?
  3. Email from Mulberry.
    The larger one looked like a good size. Too small?
  4. So you asked CS? The reg Bryn is smaller than a reg Alexa, I was hoping for a size between the reg and os Alexa.
  5. lovely style but ridiculously small!!!- particularly for the price!!!
  6. The sizes of both the small and large bryn have been on the Mulberry website for some time; if you click on Size and Fit then the size and strap drop is stated.
  7. This is exactly what I did...............................
  8. The Bryn satchel is now available! Has anyone seen one IRL?
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    Not yet. Desperate to see what the leather looks like. Would love to see the petrol one with gunmetal hardware. Selfridges currently has Bryn listed on line so am hopeing this means that they should be hitting the stores any day now. :smile:
    Although I am struggling with a back log of desired Mulberrys from the sale even before I get started on the next season! Arggggh!
  10. I can't wait to see these in store.

    I have my heart set on an oak bag for my next purchase (in a few months) and have been torn between the Lily and Bays, but this could tempt me.
  11. Ooh, I notice that Selfridges also have an oversized Bryn, I thought there were just the two smaller sizes but that one is bigger
  12. Saw her in store today, the petrol and oak ones are lovely, but the flame one is an absolute stunner, leather's TDF :love: Would go for a regular size, the small one's really very small.

    Another one added to my wish list, *sigh*.
  13. I'm nervous about seeing this instore, as I think it'll be too tempting!!
  14. :lolots: Laura, that's exactly how I feel! Loved the picture of Fearne Cotton with the flame and I didn't really consider the Bryn before that! It looks amazing on her! Think of it this way, if we like her then we save for the next sale! :biggrin: