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  1. Something to share:

    Some of you must have known him already coz he is so famous. I just discovered him today while google-ing around. Loads of fun on 2 of his blogs. Like him or loathe him.... :lol: :lol:

    p.s: he has lotsa bags, and i mean lotsa.
  2. Yeah, he spends money like water. I wonder what his family is in since clearly he's not earning the money himself!
  3. his site is hilarious :lol: I love that picture of him in the huge YSL bag lol. I have that huge YSL shopping bag at home and whenever I look at it I imagine him in it lol.
  4. I'm wondering too.... but he is making me start liking Goyard !! Bad influence...
  5. Who can afford to shop/travel/eat/live like that??? I'd like to meet his sugah mama/papa.
  6. Bryanboy is hilarious !
  7. Ooooh, I'd love to meet him in person when I get back to the Philippines. LOL.
  8. yeah, i love his blog , too... he posted a pic of my daughter last december 13 or 16... my daughter was inside an LV bag...
    Saw him once at LV Manila, he was carrying this LV bag w ostrich leather? not so sure of the model name. Anyway, didnt know him at that time, he just caught my attention bec he walked in , looked at some wallets and in less than 10mins bought one... just bec he is in a bad mood... and it usually takes me days and weeks before i decide on a LV
  9. I've been reading and loving his blog since I found it last year. He seems to move in the company of Manila's (Philippines) high society so I'm sure his family is very rich. And in Manila, just like everywhere else, if your family is that rich, you don't need to work to have the money to spend like he does. It does look like he's involved in (or getting involved in) print media.
  10. JSG: I saw that picture! Its so cute!
  11. I saw the picture too!:lol:
  12. can't find the picture:cry:

    could someone post it please?
  13. Picture courtesy of

    Attached Files:

  14. ahahahaa

    thank you so much pnay!!!!!!
  15. he is so cool...i love him !!!