Brutal honesty required. I WANT your two cents!

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  1. ok, i happened to pass by my favorite consignment store and they were having an insane sale. 1.00 per piece on all clothes and shoes. As I DESPERATELY need shoes I thought SCORE!!!

    except I am clueless when it comes to shoes and have no idea what works and what doesn't! So i pretty much bought any shoes that I was on the fence about or liked that fit me. 6 pairs. I need BRUTAL honesty.

    which do i keep? do any of them work? for day to day shoes, nothing special. just to go to work with suits and business attire mostly.

    And yes! I KNOW I wore the wrong thing for shoe shopping! Burgandy tights! But my outfit DID look cute! LOL!
  2. PAIR 1 - Mr seymour leather pumps. never heard of the brand before but made in spain. real leather


    PAIR 2 & 3 - Both real leather shoes made by naturalizer. Popular shoe store throughout Canada. Kinda like the textured leather on the toes of the second pair.


  3. PAIR 4 - brown leather naturalizer pumps

    Pair 5 - Nine West Leather open toe pumps. cut out detailing on sides

    Pair 6 - Patent Leather Nude sandals from Naturalizer again. I bet they all came from the SAME person!

  4. The ones with the texturized toe, the nine west ones and the nude ones. The others look too...grandma, even for work. Unless of course that's what you were going for. I also am not a fan of square toes, so that probably impacts my decision quite a bit.
  5. For $1/pair, you really can't go wrong. I really like the 1st Naturalizer & the Nine West ones.

    Great finds.
  6. Great office shoes. Do you work in a conservative environment?

    Pair #5 look nice.
    I think pair #6 look a little too big on you.
  7. Pairs 1, 2 and 3 are definitely on the conservative side. They'll go with almost anything but they're rather plain. I'm not a fan of the brown pair, they look like men's dress shoes that were crafted into a woman's shoe. I like 5 and 6 the most, to me they're a bit more stylish than the first two pairs but are still great for work.
  8. I like them all....except for pair #4. Don't like those! But the last pair and the Nine West are my favorite....followed by pair #1. Great deals!!!
  9. i just had my foot in them funny! been wearing uggs for the last month (been FREEZING here) and didnt want anyone to see my oh so ugly need to pedi toes! they fit fine.

    yeah, im pretty conservative. A-line skirts an inch or so below the knee, fitted sweaters, tailored shirts, lots of wool cardigans. for religious reasons i dont wear pants so i find the skirts below the knee has always kinda forced my style more towards conservative. Never liked flowery, flowy, ruffles, lace etc. very classic, very simple and tailored for me. I like to wear either a crazy or fun patterned skirt OR a crazy patterned or colored top (but then i wear a cardigan over top so its not too much!).

  10. I agree with anne :smile:

    And the first pair, you cant tell in the picture but they have a patent leather heel and patent leather detailing on the back which i LOVE!
  12. Wow! A little research and you learn so much! the first pair, the mr seymours i like so much,not only are they 400.00 shoes, but mr seymour is stuart Weitzman's father!

  13. Good deal! I love patent :tup:
  14. i like #5, #6....the rest are too old fashion to me.
  15. I only care for pair 5, the Nine West ones.