Brutal eBay buyers! My Ocean City is just pure bad luck!

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  1. Sorry for the rant but I'm so p-ed off!!
    You all probably know the story about the Phillipines and my Ocean City. Well I finally got it back and sold it to a girl off eBay. She had seen my listin and agreed to all the terms. First she didn't have a confirmed PayPal addy. Then she accused me of being obnoxious even though I was trying to help her confirm her addy. I shipped the bag 1 hour after she paid with an unconfirmed ebay because I agreed to ship it to her office (I am familiar with her company). Now she gets the bag 1.5 days later and accuses me of it being used and the inside being dirty. I asked her to show me pics of the damage as the bag was perfectly brand new and inspected by me. She then said it wasn't dirty it was ok..but that the bag was the wrong size! Geez you'd think if you were going to spend over 1k on a bag you'd know what you were buying! Then she says there is an ink stain on the strap. I asked her to take a pic to show me and she finally admited to just having buyers remorse. I told her I wouldn't accept a return as I don't want to deal with this bag anymore but am giving her advice on how to resell it and even gave her a contact of someone who was interested in the bag!
    Geez people these days!!
  2. WTF. Im sorry! I dont have a clue what is wrong with ebayers these days. JEEZ. Glad everything worked out in the end for you!
  3. she's tryin to pay me back my fees that i have incurred to send the bag back to me...i just don't want to deal with it!
  4. When will people figure out they aren't dealing with a retail store when buy from another person? Save her e-mail where she admits to buyer's remorse for awhile. She may attempt to file a claim with PayPal and you might need the evidence.
  5. Wow, this bag certainly has brought you a lot of heart-ache. I hope that you are finally rid of it!
  6. Oh no. I think the economy is making everyone rethink where they are spending their money....some of them are thinking after they have spent it! I hope it all goes well now, the buyer cant really make any more claims if she has admitted it is buyers remorse..
  7. I second this! I don't blame you for not accepting it back. :cursing: So many folk are wanting the benefit of buying it cheaper on ebay, with the return policies of buying retail. grrrr
  8. UGh she's so annoying
    I finally told her id accept it back with a 15% fee..but seriously I don't want it back..I'm so sick of dealing with idiots like this
  9. It's especially frustrating because now that eBay has removed the right to give buyers negative feedback no one can be warned of ebayers like her
  10. i just emailed her back telling her I wouldnt accept it back..which is good because she replied me righ before that saying she didn't want to pay me the 15% restocking
  11. NOOO i wouldn't let her return the bag. Teach her a lesson that ebay isn't a store and she can return it just because. You might not get the bag in the orginal condition you sent it and then you will really be stuck with it. Be firm and tell her no returns
  12. Wow... That is just crazy. What a B!
  13. I have the exact same problem! Not a problem anymore, actually. I sold the bag, which was listed as used and buyer requested that I give her $150 back because she feels that this bag cost only $200. (total price was $350). I replied that if she doesn't like it-send it back and I will give her a full refund. No, she wants to keep it but for $200 :s and calls me a dishonest seller after all.
  14. A.n.n.o.y.i.n.g.!
  15. Really?! That doesn't seem very fair... I would imagine that there are as many dishonest buyers as there are sellers these days...
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