Brussels or Amsterdam?

  1. I am going to Paris in Spring and would like to visit either Brussels or Amsterdam for a few days.

    If it were you, which city would you pick?

  2. how bout london??
    I would pick amsterdam over Brussels...I heard that theres not much to do in Brussels...though Brussels would be good for like a day trip or 2.
  3. Definately Amsterdam! I love it! My hubby and I normally try to go at least once a year. He used to work out in Holland and we would meet up in Amsterdam for weekends so its kinda special for us.

    And despite lots of people opinions there is so much more to it than the Red Light District. I hate it when people assume that that is all their is to Amsterdam. Its a beautiful city and I would love to have a property there.
  4. Definitely Amsterdam over Brussels for that length of time. Something you may wish to consider is that it's only 2 and a half hours by rail from Amsterdam to Brussels.
  5. Amsterdam! I even preferred it over London. It is a beautiul city, and like others have said there isnt much to Brussels. If you go to Amsterdam there are TONS of things to do. Google the Iamsterdam pass. We got it, and it saved us a good amount on entrance fees. The Anne Frank house is AMAZING!
  6. AMSTERDAM!:yahoo:

    PM me for a really great tried and true itinerary...and I'll bet we can find a couple of local tPFers who will join you for a bit if you like...;)

    There is sooo much to do here in the spring, even when it is raining, the fantastic museums and so many great excursions less than an hour away by one of the best train systems in Europe, it really is a fantastic opportunity that you should try not to miss. Brussels has some good things going for it and you can always find things to do, but I think you have a lot more options in Amsterdam. Like I said, PM me if you like!

  7. Take me with you and we'll discuss it on the way.
  8. My DH was attached to a task force in Brussels for a few months, and also would drive to Amsterdam and other parts of Holland every weekend during the summers he was stationed in Germany.

    He loved Belgium, but he thinks you would have more fun in Amsterdam. The city is really beautiful (I have been there as well) and there is SO MUCH to do!!! Tour the Heineken braurei (sorry I like the German word best haha) and visit Anne Frank's house, etc. There's history as well as the crazy Red Light District, and fun stuff in between. You will love it ;)
  9. Amsterdam has something for everyone, Culture,fun and more!!!

    Will be going back this year definately!!!

    The people are great also, really friendly and helpful!!
  10. ^^ Yes, aren't the Dutch people wonderful? :biggrin:
  11. AMSTERDAM!:heart:
  12. ive been to both a few times. I actually lived near the tri border of germany, netherlands, and belgium. In my opinion i agree there is more to do in amsterdam then brussels. But i loved both cities. Brussels is more of a day trip i think... Everytime i went to amsterdam i went somewhere new. (only been there 3 times..)
  13. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will talk to my mom about it and hopefully, she'd prefer Amsterdam too.

    Thanks again your time.
  14. I agree - don't forget to try the spacecake!
  15. Amsterdam!!!