Brushing your tongue...

  1. Anyone else do it?

    I do it as a matter of course when I brush my teeth, except I'm starting to notice that as I get older, my gag reflex is getting way more sensitive....

    Does anyone know if brushing your tongue really makes that much of a difference for mouth hygiene?

    And any suggestions for toughening my gag reflex back up? I don't know if it's mental or physical! :confused1:
  2. Oh gosh yes, absolutely, each time I brush my teeth! As far as gag reflex, perhaps relaxing your tongue helps?
  3. They sell tongue scrapers for the purpose.
  4. ^^^ I have a one of those, they work great bu I usually brush it with my toothbrush.
  5. Yes, I think it's necessary because it makes your breath more fresh. Like someone else said, try the tongue scrapers.
  6. I would think those tongue scraper things would be worse for the gag reflex... and yes I do brush my tongue.
  7. Always have, since I was a wee kid and was taught how to brush.
  8. I brush my tongue. It makes my mouth feel a lot cleaner overall.
  9. I always brush my tongue. Feels weird otherwise.
  10. I always brush my tongue. It makes my mouth feel fresher.
  11. The gag reflex is most likely mental. Stick your tongue farther out of your mouth when you brush (Gene Simmons-style). You might drool a little, but then you aren't as likely to gag. And tongue scrapers are great. If you use a toothbrush, drag the brush from back to front, opposite the fibers. Bacteria get stuck underneath, and that's what you're trying to clean out.
  12. Defintly brush my tounge always have
  13. I have a tounge scraper, but it makes me gag:throwup:
    I heard gum cleans your tounge?:confused1:
    Anyone else heard of that?

  14. I always brush my tongue and I make my 6 yr old DD do it as well.
    There's actually toothbrushes now w/ tongue cleaners on the back.
  15. I've always brushed my tongue, as my mum taught me. If I don't, my mouth still feels dirty!