Brushed Palladium

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  1. What are your opinion of brushed palladium vs. regular paladium? Can you actually order your bag specifying brushed palladium or is it more of a special order sort of thing?
  2. Kou, I've seen shopworn items w/ brushed palladium (bracelets and belt buckles, specifically) and they seem to show scratches more easily. Personally, I prefer regular silver pall.
  3. you can order anything. but otingocni is right... brushed will scratch easier.
  4. Kou, how about ruthenium for a different look?
  5. I definitely want a fuchsia lizard JPG Kelly clutch with ruthenium hardware. It probably won't happen for at least another couple of years though, since I'll have to wait my turn for exotics ...

    Unless ... someone on PF sees it at a store and I manage to get it to be charge-sent to me!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  6. personally i do not find brushed hardware appealing at all it looks also masculine for me (you know like the brushed metal on mens belts or mens briefcases)
  7. That's a really good point, it does look more masculine now that you mentioned it. I was thinking brushed palladium because my promise ring is brushed stainless steel (with black ceramic inlay), I figure it would make an interesting match. But you're right, it would look a bit masculine, not to mention the scratches will drive me nuts. I guess I'll save the brushed/matte metal look for small jewelries.
  8. For bags, I prefer the normal hardware.

    I like brushed palladium for belts as I think it makes the bigger buckles on belts less shiny and more discreet.

    However, they do scratch up easily.
  9. Kou, you can mix brushed palladium jewelry with palladium HW and even ruthenium HW! :smile:
  10. My thalassa box calf birkin has a brushed palladium hardware. So far so good, I aint seeing any scratches on the hardware. I bought the bag pre-loved, so I guess the previous mistress was very good with it.
  11. what i really like and i really want is a kelly with the diamond-cut hardware (palladium/gold). it's scratch resistant! i saw one in a vermillion kelly with GH years ago and it was so pretty.

    looks nice on belts too.
  12. Ditto...
  13. I like this, too - on black box Kellys. it's called Guilloche
  14. I just want to add that I looked through my jewelries (which isn't much, btw) and majority of them are TeNo jewelries. TeNo is this German brand who makes jewelries with combination of ceramic, rubber, and stainless steel. My rings are all made of stainless steel hardware and the texture is brushed just like the brushed palladium. What I did to get rid of the scratchse (as recommended by TeNo) is to get one of those dishwashing green cloth and lightly sand the surface of the ring in the same direction as the brushes. I wonder if the same can be done with the brushed palladium if they get scratched?
  15. Wow, I'm glad I read this thread. I requested guilloche on my Kelly for next year's order and the SA was going to do some research to see if they would do it, but I put brushed palladium as a second choice. It seems so counter intuitive that the brushed palladium would show scratches more easily than regular palladium...better go change my order!!!