Brushed Hardware for Shoulder Birkins?

  1. Couple questions ... Do they make brushed hardwares for shoulder Birkins? If so, do they make it in all three hardwares.? Also, if they do, how much longer will the wait be for the bag? Actually, is the wait time for ANY bags with brushed Hardware longer? I want brushed Hardware, I like how they're lower maintenance and more modern looking. My rings are all brushed and the scratches can be very easily fixed...
  2. actually i heard that they're more prone to scratches than regular hardware.
  3. From my experience with brushed hardwares, I found them more manageable. I have couple of TeNo rings and was advised that if I do see scratches, I can always buff them up by rubbing them with one of those cloths (dunno what you call them) in the same direction as the grain. With non-brushed hardwares, there's almost no way of hiding the hairline scratches ... I guess i'm just very anal when it comes to some these things ...:p
  4. I'm sure TeNo is very durable... I remember those ads when my DH was shopping around for his wedding band.

    I wish I could remember who told me this but one of the lovely ladies on this board advised against this hardware as she has brushed platinum hardware on her belt buckle and admitted that it does get scratched quite easily.

    Just think of those hairline fractures as evidence that the bag's well loved!
  5. Good point:yes: the scratches do have some charm to it, gives the bag a more seasoned look :smile:
  6. Nothing is going to look prisitine after use ~ Nothing. If that fact is going to bother you, then you should just not get a bag at all. I mean shoes get dirty and sometimes nicked, clothes can get spills on them... people who freak out about the little things should literally just stay home. Accidents happen~ It is all part of life. Brushed hardware has a different feel and might be easier to hide things but then again, your leather might get scratched, you might spill something, etc.

    Take what happened to SoCal and CB this weekend in SF. An atrocity was done on to them by an ugly pheasant. Sure their bags got doused, and so did SoCal, but they just wiped the sh!t off and went on shopping.

    Like that Chumbawumba song 10 years ago..."When I get knocked down, I get up again, Ya never gonna leave me down." Scratches or nicks should not get you knocked down... grab your bag and get up!
  7. Well I don't see anything wrong with being anal with one's bag. After all, I feel that if I spend the money on it, I can do with it as I please. Everyone has something he/she is anal about, in my case it just so happens to be a bag:shame: It's not like I don't use it. All I'm saying is everyone has his/her own kinks and quirks. Anyways, I like brushed hardware because it looks edgier, it hides the scratches, it's lower maintenace in purely my humble opinion. No harm done.:smile:
  8. Definitely agreeing with ya, Kou, there.

    I'm just stating that unpredictable things happen to anyone and their posession (i.e. bags). Even with brushed hardware, a scratch could appear or something. Just wouldn't want to cause any unhappiness or anything !

    All the Best,
  9. Shoulder Birkin: $5000
    Sandpaper: $2
    Kou's face going :wtf: :hysteric::throwup: :boxing:when sees Perja's handwork on her hardware to make it "brushed": Priceless

  10. ^^^ :lol:
  11. LOL Perja!!
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. i saw a hammered gold H buckle on a belt yesterday, then i was thinking since it's like 50 dollars more than mine, i wonder if i could do the same with a plain ol hammer?

    he he he! i really like the gold, it stands out. as for brushed hardware, i was surprised to hear it scratches more easily. and i still can't believe that bleeping bird poo'ed on that kelly bag! eek! i told my SAs yesterday and they were all in uproar!

  14. LMAO!!!!!
  15. I find the last statement rude?:confused1: I'm feelin Kou is not that happy with that last statement.:s