Brushed gold hardware......does it actually exist?

  1. So, I know it's available for belt buckles and other accessories,
    but has anyone of you ever come across a Kelly/Birkin with brushed gold hardware...?

    ...a friend of mine started looking for such a Kelly a while ago, but never got to find one.:shrugs:
    Only thing I got to see myself IRL was brushed palladium and that was kinda hard to find already.
  2. Tenshi, I have it on my Vache Naturelle Birkin, I'm sorry, you had asked me to post pics and I completely forgot....I'll post a pic of the whole bag now, 'cause it's the only pic I have of this bag in my computer, but I promise I'll take a close up pic of the hardware.....:yes:
  3. Duna,
    that's awesome...thanks!

    I already thought it was just a big H myth;)
  4. I have seen brushed gold HW on H bags a few times on eBay. I've asked about its availability in H stores and apparently it is pretty hard to come by.
  5. That bag is so beautiful!
  6. Here are a couple of pics of the brushed gold hardware on my Birkin, I hope they're not too bad:
    P1010007.JPG P1010010.JPG
  7. Duna, your birkin is just gorgeous!!! :tender:
  8. Duna, you've got such a great collection! Droolworthy.
  9. It's stunning, Duna. TDF!!!
    I have heard that this HW requires a bit more care as it will show scratches easier than shiny metals.
  10. Duna, that brushed gold hw of yours is gorgeous, particularly on your VN Birkin!!!
  11. ~~~sigh~~~~

    That bag is stunning!
  12. What a gorgeous combination duna!
  13. duna that matte gold is just so wonderfully discreet!
  14. wow! Duna, thanks for sharing and Tenshi, thanks for asking :flowers:

    That brushed gold hardware is really pretty. :love:
  15. Thanks a lot guys!!!:heart: I didn't actually choose it brushed, I wanted shiny gold, but this is what I was offered and I couldn't turn it down: I think it does scratch a bit more than shiny, but, never mind....I've got to brake this bag in and get the patina going, so it's bound to get scratched up!