Brushed Gold, anyone?

  1. As a follow up to my Brown VL, anyone thread, I was wondering if anyone has pictures of brushed gold hardware? Evekitti mentioned it to me and before I order my ebene VL kelly with gold hardware, I would LOVE to see the brushed gold hardware.
    thanks in advance!!
  2. Brushed gold would be gorgeous. I want want want!!!!

    oh, btw, have you checked out the reference section. There are photos of different browns there.
  3. I did. I saw the difference between chocolate and ebene and liked ebene more for me! I will check for the brushed gold!
  4. maggiemoo, you're making me itch for another bag!!!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Valentines Day Maggiemoo, I think the shiny gold will look better.

    If you are really set on not duplicating your HW;ask about the gold/palladium? mix that I have on my Cosmos scarf ring and Evelyne.
    Someone on the forum said it is permabrass? It picks up both colours,and I placed it on my Birkin and it looks good.
    It does not look as good as the gold IMO.

    When I get home tomorrow I will send you pictures.
  6. Happy Valentines Day and anniversary Duchessofs!! Can't wait to see pictures! I also went to H on Madison yesterday and got a new goody! New belt strap, dk brown box on one side and orange togo on the other!!!!
  7. Hi Maggiemoo. I got the same belt a few weeks ago. I think the orange will be fun for Summer. I agree with Duchess. Get the shiny.
  8. Hi Castorny
    We have great taste, don't we! I think the orange will be fantastic with white and navy. I can't wait to wear it. I saw this combo in St Barth last year and did not buy it b.c the prices are so much higher there. When I saw it in Madison a few weeks ago, I had to have it!

    Duchess is a very chic (and smart) lady and I did follow her advice. I ordered the ebene VL kelly with gold hardware!