Bruno Mars

  1. I love me some Bruno. One of my favorite artists! Can't wait for his performance at the Superbowl!

  2. I want his hair!
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    His performance last month at iHeart radio slayed me!

  4. I find him annoying for no apparent reason at all... But did he ever find a hat that fits???... and I saw some commercial about a reality show about his sisters...
  5. He did but he's been growing out his afro during his tour so he's been going back and forth w/ the hats.

    And yes his sisters have show on WeTV that starts tomorrow

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  7. He's talented, but I never really cared for him or his music...
  8. Bruno on SNL

  9. I love both his albums.

    The only song I hate is LOOH.

    I LOVE Money Makes Her Smile.
  10. I love all the songs on Unorthdox Jukebox except "If I Knew"

    My list goes:

    1. Moonshine
    2. Gorilla
    3. Money Make Her Smile
    4. Natalie
    5. Treasure
    6. Locked Out of Heaven
    7. When I Was Your Man
    8. Show Me
    9. Young Girls
    10. If I Knew

    It's just a shame that "Gorilla" isn't getting big hits in the US.

  11. Ditto re the annoying bit! I don't have a reason either. I cannot watch any of his videos for more than 2 seconds!
  12. He is successful at being annoying and not even trying... Lol...
  13. I like him, he's reallllly short tho and I'm an Amazon. Sadly it'll never work (cries).
  14. Hey! I never thought to look for a thread on him here. Yay Bruno!

    We love him in Hawaii.

    Hawaii loves it when anyone from the islands makes it big.

    I just can't with him though, he looks too much like boys I grew up with and went to school with. I respect his talent and would probably get all giggly if I were serenaded by him, but at the end of the day...nope.
  15. :heart: him. He's great.