Bruno Magli handbags

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  1. Ì was just wondering if anyone has experience of these handbags? Most of the results I found were about the shoes that they produce. I find a vintage handbag on ebay for a resonable price and was just wondering what people's opinions on them were - are they well made ? etc.

  2. Anyone? lol
  3. I have never seen a handbag by Bruno Magli, but the shoes are well made. So based on that, I would think the bags would be as well.
  4. ^Yep. From what I've heard Bruno Magli has great quality, though they're more into shoes than bags.
  5. I could never carry one, the words Bruno Magli bring back vivid memories of watching the OJ trial in my civics class in 7th grade.

  6. Yeah I read about that on their Wikipedia page - I never knew about it before - I suppose it'd be even worse if I was asking about mens shoes :Push:

    EDIT: also thanks titania029 and valleyO - that's good to know :yes:
  7. Anyone?????
  8. Bumping this since I just ordered one of these bags from HauteLook this morning. The woven leather looks scrumptious! The bags were $975 originally and the sale price was $249. Didn't really see how I could go wrong, especially since they're made in Italy.
    Anyone have any experience with Bruno Magli bags lately?
  9. I purchased a beige leather Bruno Magli handbag over fifteen years ago and it is still in excellent condition. I haven't given it the care I have given the more well known high end handbag brands. I must say I've been particularly impressed with the gold chain which has not changed in the fifteen or possibly more years that I've had it. So I highly recommend them for the quality of their finish and its strength as well. I've carried my mini ipad, two iphones, purse, make up bag etc and it has retained its shape and look.
  10. never even heard of them, do you have a picture?